Beau Monde Seasoning - Closer to the Real Thing!

"There are so many strange concoctions out there for Beau Monde Seasoning that I was just baffled when I needed it and couldn't buy it (or make it from those weird recipes). After some research - this is the recipe I came up with. It *IS* the closest recipe to Beau Monde Seasoning I can find anywhere on the net (primarily because there IS no close recipe anywhere on the net)?!?!? This is so simple I don't know why everyone is getting it wrong. Beau Monde Seasoning contains: Salt, dextrose, onion, celery seed, and silicon dioxide. Salt is self explanatory - dextrose is the The dextrorotatory form of glucose which is derived from starch. (Effectively, it's a type of sugar..slightly heavier than meat which can be absorbed in to the meat tissue. Onion and celery seed are the primary flavors we are trying to accomplish here... the silicon dioxide is used as a flow agent and/or moisture toss a few grains of rice in your bottle! For the Dextrose (unless you wish to purchase powdered dextrose, which is available in some health food/sports stores) we will use either powdered sugar or caster sugar. The amount I'll list is simply to my taste -- certainly feel free to start with less and adjust it to suit your own tastes. We'll use Onion powder and Celery salt to accomplish 3 of the 4 major ingredients."
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photo by COOKGIRl
Ready In:
2 1/2 Ounces




  • Toss it in a jar with about 6 - 10 grains of rice if you live in a humid environment and plan on opening and shutting the jar a few times over a couple of months. Shake it up good, that's pretty much it.
  • Note: Please review this recipe as it pains me to see the weird mixes for Beau Monde that are passing on the net!

Questions & Replies

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  1. chrisinlowville
    Is the sugar necessary? How about just the onion and celery salts? Just asking/not criticizing. Thank you!


  1. loracpal
    thie is great. I however like a little lighter flavor of celery leaves. I grow my own. harvest all the leaves from one whole celery, then place on a cookie sheet put in the oven on 200 for 4 minutes turn off oven and let dry for 3-4 days. when bone dry place in plastic bag then crush till fine. then use in soups,salads great flavor.
  2. Ann D.
    I was down to my last teaspoon of Beau Monde seasoning which had been kept in the freezer for several years. It is a key ingredient in a dip made for fresh veggies and we all love it. Made a special trip to larger grocery store in another town but to no avail. Finally Googled it and behold, this recipe. Tasted a bit of the one in my freezer and me there was no difference. Very grateful to find something using ingredients from my spice rack!!! Thanks
  3. Bishop Estate Viney
    This is more like it! There is no sugar in the other recipes, and I know it has a sweet hint. This is like the Beau Monde Spice mix that I know. Delicious!
  4. Suzanne W.
    Thank God for the correct recipe. I can usually find Beau Monde, but I use it every day and this time I couldn't get it. When I did a search, I found things that look more like pumpkin pie spice. Since I have the actual seasoning, I know what is in it. I just didn't have the proportions. Now I. Do. :)
  5. Deborah S.
    Wonderful recipe! I, too, am baffled and disturbed by a lot of the highly suspect recipes out there...full of mace and cloves and things. This is very Beau Monde. Thank you.


  1. maryandkevinaz
    I don't know how this compares to the original since I've never used Beau Monde. I can tell you though that this is a super seasoning blend. I didn't have celery salt. I used one tablespoon of kosher salt mixed with 1.5 teaspoons of celery seed instead. I pulsed everything very quickly in my coffee grinder to blend. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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