Balsamic French Onion Smothered Steak

READY IN: 1hr 15mins




  • 1 or or more before frying your steak, place in a bowl with salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and white wine vinegar. Let marinate.
  • When ready to start cooking. Get your french onion soup out. Preferably your leftover french onion soup was packed with onions and garlic. Place your french onion soup in a pan on about medium high and get a simmering boil to thicken it up and reduce it. Once it gets to the flavor and consistency thats acceptable to you, add about a tablespoon of corn starch with a little water into the soup and thicken it more till it's like a gravy. Add your half & half cream.
  • Heat a pan to medium high heat and add some butter and some olive oil. And if you have it, some rosemary. Once heated, place steak alone in pan and let cook a few minutes until the sides begin to rise in brown. Turn over and cook more.
  • Once both sides are cooked, place the leftover vinegar juices in the pan to roast up with the steak. If the sauce starts to caramelize, add a little water.
  • When your steak is getting close to the doness you prefer (my pic displays a medium). Now pour some of the gravy over your steak. Picking up all the vinegar juices that cooked up. Once your steak is about done, put it on a plate and let it sit. Place a slice of swiss on top of it you prefer.
  • Pour your desired amount of french onion sauce over your steak and enjoy.