Babci's Pierogi

Recipe by Crystelle
READY IN: 2hrs 30mins




  • Dough:
  • Make a mound out of the flour, then make a well in the center. Place egg yolks and eggs in the center, cutting in the flour with a knife and adding water and salt. Knead until firm. Cut in three parts.
  • Roll dough out thinly, then cut circles with a cup. Place small amount of filling off center on each circle of dough. Fold over and seal by moistening edge with water and putting pressure on edges for a firm seal.
  • Boil a pot of water. Add salt. Drop pierogi into boiling water. Cook lightly for 5 minutes using a low flame. Remove gently with strainer spoon and brown in butter or margarine in frying pan.
  • Filling Cheese and Potato:
  • Combine ingredients and mix lightly. Let cool and fill circles. Seal, boil, brown, serve.
  • Filling Cheese:
  • Drain cottage cheese. Combine ingredients and mix until smooth. Fill circles of dough with desired amount. Seal, boil, brown, serve.
  • Filling Meat:
  • Using a large skillet saute onion slightly in margarine. Add ground beef, salt, and pepper and saute. When mixture crumbles drain off a little fat. Stir in flour and add dill. When still warm fill circles with desired amount.