Armenian (Ex-Soviet) Kabobs, Lamb or Pork, Stainless Steel Skewe

"This is the simplest and proven recipe for kabobs as prepared in most of Caucasus region and adopted in many regions of ex-Soviet Union. This is best prepared over hot coals, but can also be done on gas grills with a smoker box or smoking briquettes. Normally, large ripe tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplant are grilled/charred separately, peeled and mixed together with chopped garlic as a side dish."
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Ready In:
24hrs 15mins




  • Marinate in refrigerator overnight, mix a few times.
  • If cooking on coals, make sure the coals are smoldering and there are no flair-ups. They should look white/grayish. Meat should be about five inches from coals to start with; you can shorten the distance if more portions need to be cooked once first portion is finished. Also, keep a spray bottle filled with salted water handy, to put out flair-ups from dripping fat. Cook uncovered.
  • Gas grill should be set so no flame reaches the meat, or it will burn. This could mean low to medium heat, depending on the grill. You'll be placing skewers right on the grates, or if you have a kabob rack - use it. Cook uncovered.
  • Before grilling, REMOVE ALL ONIONS FROM MEAT.
  • Skewer meat cubes, spaced about 1/4 inch apart. Keep in mind, longer and thicker/wider stainless steel skewers will make your job a lot easier. Don't skewer cubes outside of direct heat area.
  • Your total cooking time will be anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. Overcooking meat is not a good idea. Turn meat every minute or so, keep flair-ups under control (spray coals in exact spot of flair-up with your bottle to put out the flames). Occasional charring on edges is okay.
  • First sign that your meat is getting close to being ready is the incredible aroma you'll notice. The meat should be uniformly browned, pull one piece off a skewer and test for readiness. Should you find it to your liking - remove from grill.
  • Slide meat from skewers with a fork or (traditionally) bread crust.
  • Put cooked meat in a covered dish/pot to keep it warm. Keep the meat warm. At all costs :).
  • GARNISH: Toss together a few thinly chopped sprigs of cilantro, one large red onion sliced in thin rings, one table spoon lemon juice. Mix this garnish with the cooked kabob in a covered dish (shake it with lid on to evenly distribute garnish). Sprinkle a few pinches of salt and sumac (if you have sumac) right before serving. KEEP THE MEAT WARM IN A COVERED DISH!

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