Apple Pie ( Adult Drink)

"This tastes just like apple pie. I was amazed to discover it even has a hint of crust flavor to it also! You can add more everclear or vodka if you like to make it stronger, but I like it just the way it is. I got the recipe from a new friend I made while on vacation recently. Make sure you use glass bottles. The drink ferments weird and seems to degrade plastic ones! The serving size and yield are approximate."
photo by Jessica G. photo by Jessica G.
photo by Jessica G.
Ready In:
6hrs 20mins
2 gallons




  • Combine the first four ingredients and bring to a boil.
  • Set aside and let cool completely (about 6 hours).
  • Remove cinnamon sticks and add everclear or vodka.
  • Stir to mix well and store in GLASS bottles keep cool and enjoy!

Questions & Replies

  1. How many drinks is recommended just for a buzz no where near drink?
  2. If you can I recommend Everclear 190. Also, sub out half of the sugar for dark brown sugar. ??
  3. How long is this good for ? If keep in the fridge how long can it keep?


  1. I am mainly a beer drinker but I can tell you this stuff is excellent.
  2. This is a great recipe, no matter what time of year it is. I serve it over ice for a great All-American refreshment during the summer and I serve it warm in a mug as a holiday or mid-winter treat. I have also made it and put it in an inexpensive jar with the recipe and some cinnamon sticks tied to the lid as a housewarming present. Thanks, and keep posting!
  3. Try it with vanilla ice cream. It's excellent.
  4. This is a good drink. It didn't quite taste like apple pie to me, it tasted more like apple cider. My husband found it to be on the sweet side, so if you like your drinks sweet, I recommend keeping as is, but if you are sensitive to sweet tastes, you might want to adjust the sugar. Made for Spring PAC 2011.


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