Amazing Mushroom Triangles

Recipe by spiritussancto
READY IN: 35mins




  • bring water and wine to a low boil in a small pan, add dried shiitakes and simmer for 15-30 min to rehydrate. when softened squeeze gently to remove excess moisture, reserve liquid.
  • mince all mushrooms and onion in food processor (or by hand if you really want to take forever). you may need to mince garlic by hand as it should be finer then the rest.
  • cook all but pastry with 3 Tbs of reserved soaking liquid in a wok or large frying pan until well combined and soft, let almost all liquid evaporate. taste and adjust seasoning.
  • let cool till you can handle easily. cut each 9" square piece of puff pastry into 9 smaller squares (roughly 3" square each). fill each square with about 1.5 Tbs filling and fold diagonally squeezing edges to seal. try not to over-stuff or they'll explode when you cook them.
  • either freeze for up to 3 weeks or cook right away at 375f for about 15 min or until golden and crispy. if cooking from frozen add another 5 minute bear in mind if you microwave to reheat later they will be soft, like a croissant, not crispy. good with tzatziki sauce as part of a greek inspired meal.