Absolutely Anything Ice-Cream Layer Log

Recipe by Cas7721
READY IN: 30mins


  • 1
    (2 quart) container vanilla ice cream (or any flavour or s you want)
  • 4 -5
    ice cream topping, melted and cooled first (peppermint crisps, ripe cherries, crunchie or violet crumble honeycomb, jelly babies, maltesers, tur)


  • Take ice cream out of freezer to soften.
  • Crush your first choice of sweet.
  • Portion the ice cream to however many chocolates or lollies you have.
  • Mix the portioned ice cream and your 1st chocolate together until even.
  • In a large tin, such as a square cake tin or loaf tin (or even empty the ice cream out and use the tub) line with cling wrap, leaving a long end every side (to wrap up when finished) and spoon in your ice cream so it is thick and flat.
  • Put into the freezer in between doing the rest of your lollies.
  • When your layers are complete, wrap tightly with the excess cling wrap and freeze.
  • To serve, pull the log out by the cling wrap and cut on a plate lengthways so you get a bit of each flavoured ice cream.
  • To make patterns on the top of the ice cream, pull the cling wrap so it is crinkled.
  • Serve by itself or with any dessert.