2 Ingredient Cookies

"Found this recipe online and tried it out. Turned out yummy. Probably the best recipe to start kids off baking cookies! The add-ins are endless. Choc chips,nuts,spices,fruit etc. When I made the second batch of these, I added vanilla extract and choc chips, turned out great. No secret to these... when you get a nice cookie dough consistency...it's time to bake. The smaller you make them, the less time they will take...and will determine how much you get out of a batch."
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Ready In:
6-12 cookies




  • Pre heat oven to 350.
  • Add bananas and oats to a bowl.
  • Mash until creamed together, I used a fork.
  • Add additional oats if needed to
  • Should end up with a drop cookie consistency.
  • Add whatever 'add ins' you'd like but try to keep the dough moist enough to hold the cookie together.
  • Place on cookie sheet either by small dropfulls or spoon on and flatten top.
  • Bake for 12-15 mins.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Veera P.
    I don't have quick oat. How many cups of rolled oats will need to make this cookie?
  2. Bella Brewster
    Do you have to make the oats before mixing all the ingredients together??
  3. Debbie L.
    If the dough is a little too thick can I add applesauce? If so, how much?


  1. Ivi L.
    Loved these ... and I love good health ... and easy things ... made these smaller, added cinnamon. Made in my toaster oven. Deliciously easy and plain.
  2. anniesnomsblog
    Great recipe and so simple to make! Perfect for snacks or breakfast on the go!
  3. Patti E.
    These actually are good. I wish I had known about this recipe earlier; next time I'll make them with walnuts I made them with chocolate chip this time. Thanks for posting this recipe. It's easy and good.
  4. Kristopher B.
    this is the best in coffee
  5. SarahSmiles117
    These should not be considered "cookies". Really, this recipe should be called "build your own energy bar/snack recipe". I'll make this again, but probably as a bar, and with more add ins. As-is, it's very gummy, and a little bland...and I added peanut butter and sugar on top! It's all good as long as you're not expecting this to be a cookie or a dessert. Still, it was easy and fine for my tastes.


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