How to Throw a Retro-Futuristic Birthday Bash

Make like an astronaut and blast off to another dimension with Christine McConnell's fascinating, futuristic birthday treat recipes.

A Celestial Celebration

Sugar sorceress Christine McConnell knows a thing or two when it comes to food art. That means everything you see on this table is, in fact, edible. And guess what? You can make them all at home! Follow us as we dive into a black hole of futuristic birthday dessert recipes.

Space Mansion Birthday Cake

In the future, we'll all live in starship mansions. And in the future, we'll still celebrate birthdays. But since the future is far away, for now we'll just enjoy our space houses in funfetti cake form, with sugar cookie balconies and birthday buttercream.

Alien Hatchling Cakes

Giving the birthday girl a new puppy for her birthday is a risky move. Instead, give her the cutest little alien cakes you've ever seen. Spoiler: they're made with strawberries and cream cheese frosting.

Black Hole Baked Alaska

Prepare to be sucked in by this chocolate black hole (that cleverly uses a store-bought bundt cake as a base). It's rich with meringue and banana split ice cream. And though you're free to customize the flavors, good luck escaping this cake's gravitational field.

Martian Dream Car

Hitch a ride to the red planet with this solar-powered extraterrestrial cookie. Check out the sugar glass windshield (and behind-the-scenes photos of how it's created), which protects precious cargo from asteroid storms.

Planetary Hazelnut Pops

Who knew the rings around the outer planets were made of... nuts? These creative cake pops are the perfect bites that will have your guests demanding the (surprisingly simple) recipe.

Family Fun of the Future

Whether you're using these impressive baked goods for your own birthday or giving them as a gift, they're bound to turn heads and create unforgettable memories. Check out all of the recipes for step-by-step photos and helpful tips to achieve galactic glory.