Weight Watchers Easy Tasty Frozen Pie

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 0 mins

Delicious. You may use any flavor yogurt you like. With all the varieties they are some great pies to be made. I use Blue Bunny yogurt. I love the coconut creme. The whole pie is 8 points.

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  1. Mix the two ingredients and pour into pie plate and freeze.
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This is very good using WW Mixed Berry yogurt and then adding in some drained unsweetened frozen raspberries.

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WoW!!! What a wonderful tasting pie!! I used Strawberry yogurt and topped it with a few fresh strawberrys. Thank You for a wonderful easy recipe. Hugs

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Tried this tonight- used light lemon yogurt and a bit of lemon juice like someone else suggested. Then I took 2 tbsp of low cal/sugar raspberry jam, warmed it up and plopped it around the pie. Then I swirled a knife through it to make it look pretty. It was really good for low calorie dessert. Nextt time I am going to try coffee yogurt and a spash of lowfat/sugarfree chocolate syrup.. or stawberry yogurt with stawbwery jam and some crushed graham cracker crumbs.....mmmm.!

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