Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 2 mins

a DELICIOUS soy smoothie! You dont need to be a vegan to enjoy this. Its delicious, full of protein and essential nutrients, and filling enough to replace a meal.


  1. Make sure to rinse all fruit before putting them in the blender!
  2. I suggest using all FRESH fruits, frozen fruits can loose nutritional values.
  3. put all ingredients in a blender
  4. here you can add certain things, for example, I add 2 TBSP's of benefiber, and a TBSP of essential greens powder, and 2 TBSP of an amino acid complex.
  5. but that is COMPLETELY optional.
  6. once all the ingredients are in, turn the blender on, and let it run for a good minute to make sure everything is mixed up.
  7. after the process is done you can drink one shake, and save the other for later on, drink them both, save them both, whatever you want!
  8. just remember that the fridge life is 4 days, to maintain the best taste, and optimal nutritional values.
  9. ENJOY!
Most Helpful

I went to a cranberry festival over the weekend and came bag with lots of cranberries, so this was a good recipe to try. It uses a good amount of them, but because of all the other flavors in this drink it's not overwhelming. Very smooth and mellow.

vigilant20 October 03, 2008

Sort of did a combo of frozen & not ~ Used frozen blueberries & cranberries, but still found some nice fresh strawberries &, of course, the grapes! This GREAT TASTING SMOOTHIE was much appreciated! [Tagged, made & reviewed for one of my adoptees in the current Pick-A-Chef]

Sydney Mike September 25, 2008

Money is tight and I've been buying fresh fruit the kids like most often. Sp yes, I did use frozen fruit in this. I realize it may not be as healthy as using fresh fruit, but it's certainly healthier than other options! I left off the strawberries but used the rest of the ingredients. Because all my fruit was frozen I needed a little more soymilk (which was plain but I added a dash of vanilla extract). This is not super sweet but has wonderful flavor and gave me lots of energy for a beach day! Thanks.

ladypit June 29, 2008