Shish Taouk - Lebanese Chicken Skewers

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 15 mins

This is an adopted recipe that I selected because it so closely matches my tastes. I do not intend to alter the recipe as it has so many favorable reviews. Once I prepare it, I may annotate the directions based on my experience.


  1. Cut chicken breasts into pieces for skewers.
  2. Mix remaining ingredients together to make a marinade.
  3. Add chicken to marinade, mix well and refrigerate in a non-reactive container from 2-8 hours.
  4. Thread chicken on skewers and grill or cook under a broiler.
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This would have made my Lebanese gramma cry, because it was better than anything she ever made! Made a triple batch of this for a family dinner, and everyone raved how it was "just like the aunties" (who have long since passed on). Thank you for bringing back some great memories!

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Oh my goodness, this is out of this world! Made this twice and followed the recipe precisely. Marinated chicken for 24 hours the first time and for a couple of days the second time (I try to prep several meals on Sundays for the following week), both times received raving reviews from the family. I served it over rice with some warm pita bread and hummus made by combining in a small food processor a 15oz can of drained garbanzo beans (reserve the liquid), 2 cloves of minced garlic, a dollop of tahini, juice of one lemon, and a healthy pinch of salt. I used some of the reserved garbanzo bean liquid to thin out the hummus. Once in a serving dish, I made a small "trench" in hummus with the back of a large spoon, poured about a tbsp or two of olive oil in the "trench" and sprinkled a little bit of paprika around the edges for granish. The hummus went great with the shish taouk. This is definitely a keeper which will be made in our home weekly. Thank you so much!

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OMG - this is FANTASTIC. It's excellent both grilled and simmered on the stove top.

I was out of sumac the first time I made this, but it still tasted amazingly perfect. The whole family loves this. I add a tablespoon of ground thyme to make it more authentically Arabic.

Thank you very much!