Mocha Delight

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

A creamy and delicious dessert-in-a-glass!

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  1. In a tall glass or large mug, mix coffee and milk until well blended.
  2. Stir in ice cream and mix until creamy.
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PERFECTION! This is such a delight. Coffee lovers of America should drink this each day just becaue it makes you so happy. I made your lovely dessert coffee with strong black coffee, some rockey road ice cream and a touch of dutch cocoa added in for good measure. I was going to add the whipped cream but did not want to wait a second longer. Delicious! Oh this is definitely a keeper and in the summer I can see having this with iced coffee. OH GOSH hurry up summertime! Made for AUS/NZ Swap 50

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Well I went all out and did chocolate and more chocolate! :) Truly a delight to enjoy when you need that pick me up in the middle of the afternoon. Thanks loof for sharing yet another keeper recipe! Congrats on your win in the Football Pool.

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What is not to like about a combination of coffee, chocolate milk and ice cream? I enjoyed this on a hot fall afternoon!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Made for Stars Tag Game.