Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 12 mins

from "microwave gourmet" another fast easy side dish. ultimate comfort food. great with wild mushroom ragout


  1. in 2 quart souffle dish combine water, salt,and cornmeal, cook on hi for 6 minutes stir, cover with paper towel and cook on hi for 6 minutes.
  2. stir in butter, pepper, cheese.
Most Helpful

I love polenta, but all that stirring makes me nuts, and I always burn the bottom of the pan. This is such an easy way to make polenta, and it keeps very well in the fridge, since I'm the only one in the family who likes the stuff. I used some great local Parmesan cheese instead of the gorgonzola, and served it with some super-oregano infused tomato sauce. This makes a great breakfast as well! Thanks Chia, you've posted a winner for me!

Mirj December 08, 2002

Hello there..this is the first recipe that I tried. I actually cooked my polenta mixture for a further 5 mins in the microwave, as my DH loves all of his food 'well cooked' After the mixture was cooked I poured it into a pyrex baking dish and generously layered it with grated cheese. I popped it under the grill just to make it golden brown on top, then sprinkled it with chopped spring onion..yummy :)

Stella Baby February 22, 2003

Hubby: "I like this. You can make this again for me." Love those words. I used chicken broth instead of water and I used Parmesan cheese because it's what I had. Thank you! Sure beats stirring!

HisPixie April 16, 2012