Total Time
1hr 1min
Prep 1 min
Cook 1 hr

My mother spoke of having bonfires when she was young, growing up on Long Island. The kids would throw potatoes into the fire. She said they would be burned and hard on the outside with light fluffy potatoes on the inside. When cooked this way, the outside is very crisp and crunchy, and the inside nice and fluffy. We throw a bunch of potatoes into the oven of the wood cook stove many, many nights during the winter months. We frequently put them in the gas stove, in warmer months, when cooking a roast, or other oven dinner. But somehow, "mickies" are not the same unless cooked in our Home Comfort! We always think of Mother when we have mickies.


  1. Pierce (need I say well scrubbed!) potatoes with a fork, to avoid any exploding spuds!
  2. Place (naked potatoes) in oven without foil or any type of covering.
  3. Bake at 400°F to 500°F for an hour, or until outside is crisp and hard.
  4. Slit, press open, and serve with butter, salt, and sour cream.
  5. The skin is the best part!
Most Helpful

These turned out WONDERFUL! And so easy! Thanks for a great tasting potato :)

iewe March 29, 2010

Finally the perfect baked potato!!! I put these in the oven at 450 and they came out with crisy skins and a soft center. This will be the only way I make baked potatoes from now on!!!!

Coastiehoney February 22, 2010

After reading so much about these in the forum I just had to try them. I don't know where the name came from but I've been baking my potatoes like this ever since I was old enough to use the stove. My belated husband of 40 years said he learned how to do it on a campfire when he was a boy scout. When we went camping he'd bury the spuds in the hot coals before we went fishing. It was so nice to come back to camp and fry up the trout, warm a can of pork and beans and dig up the potatoes. I sure miss those days! Thanks for sharing this great recipe.

CJAY January 07, 2010