Heat Wave Maguro Poke

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Recipe by Mirj2338

Don't ask me what maguro poke is. I ran a search for it on Google and didn't get much of an answer. I looked for it on Recipezaar and came up with a bunch of recipes for Poke Cake. But one of my favorite food blogs, Brownie Points, has a recipe for it today, a suggestion for something simple and no cooking involved, a good way to beat the recent heat wave (hence the name). Looks like a winner to me! Edited to add -- I now know what Maguro Poke means! Thanks to Zaar member Pikake21, who wrote and told me: Poke is the Hawai'ian way of referring to a "sort-of" Japanese sashimi salad. Usually it has some soyu, green onions, sesame, salt, etc involved. Maguro is just one kind of tuna, hence the name maguro poke (pronounced "poh-keh"...instead of "poh-kee."

Top Review by French Tart

I loved this - Malcolm was a bit hesitant about it, although he agreed that the taste was "lively" and "interesting"!! I feel that I was not able to give this the full taste test, as I could NOT get sushi grade tuna - and the tuna I had was rather chewy - 4 stars says I loved it, but looking at the ingredients I feel that I would normally find this an outstanding 5 stars - so, I am going to make it again and report back here, with photos as well - as my first efforts were not terribly photogeninc!! We had planned to make it for a drinks and nibbles party, but as I could not source sushi grade tuna, I made a third of the recipe and tested it out first! Thanks Mirj - as you know I am a big fan of your recipes, and I would like to come back to this one when I can get the proper ingredients!! I am VERY pleased that I tried it however, and I can see that it would be wonderful in a Heat Wave! FT:-)

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  1. Combine the first four ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Chop the tuna into bite size pieces.
  3. Add to the bowl and combine.

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