Decaffeinating Tea in Three Simple Steps

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is from Dr Weil. If you prefer decaffeinated tea to regular, but want to avoid the chemical solvents many manufacturers use in the decaffeination process, you can remove about 80 percent of the caffeine yourself, through a few simple steps. As an added bonus, this method retains most of the flavor and the majority of teas' healthful polyphenols, which can be depleted in chemical decaffeination.Chemist Kathryn Petty adds the first thing released when tea is brewed is caffine,then the color and finally the flavor. Understandable! Oh don't throw the first batch away I'm sure your mulch pile or after cooled a plant would like it!


  1. Steep the tea for 30 seconds- 1 minute in hot water. This will release most of the caffeine into the water.
  2. Pour off this liquid and discard.
  3. Add more fresh hot water, steep as usual, add lemon, honey, milk iced or hot and enjoy!
Most Helpful

Delicious! I used to water down my tea a lot but this method is sooo much better - it produces a delicious refined flavor - perfect for iced tea with a little raw sugar added. A definite keeper!

carolinerocks February 23, 2010

This is delicious. I made this for DD (toddler) and I with rice milk and honey. Yummy stuff. I loved it, though I did feel it bothered my head a little it was nothing like drinking regular steeped tea which I tend to avoid for that very reason. I want to make this in all its variations insha Allah (God willing). Made for Comfort Cafe - Snow Queens Potluck Tag Round 01/10.

UmmBinat January 19, 2010

DD1 loves black tea,but is too small for it, so you can imagine how thankful I am for this.I just wish, I 'd known about it when I was pregnant. Thanks for posting.I'm pretty sure DD is thankful too.

littlemafia January 03, 2010