Chef Cajun Deb's Green Stuff

Recipe by Chef Cajun Deb

pre prep for any meat or veggie recipe make ahead batches to freeze I have stated making batches of green stuff for over 20 years to save time due to working over 40 hours a week make large batches for one time easy clean up saves lots of time over months and months of cooking

Top Review by gailanng

Great tip! I, too, am of Cajun decent and some probably would guess 25% Martian. Now to my kids, I married into another Cajun ancestral family. You would have thought that transition would have been easy, don't you?!?


  1. wash bell peppers and celery.
  2. skin onions.
  3. cut all in large chunks.
  4. put some of each in blender.
  5. blend till liquified.
  6. pour into ice cube trays and freeze.
  7. repeat till all are blended and frozen.
  8. put frozen cubes in zip lock bags.
  9. use cubes in beans, seafood or meat dish.

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