Very Yummy Spicy Dilly Beans

Recipe by Secret Agent
READY IN: 35mins
YIELD: 4 pints




  • Trim the green beans evenly and wash.
  • Boil vinegar, water, and salt in a large pot.
  • In each of 4 one-pint jars, pack the green beans. To make this job easy we set the jar on it's side and put the beans in so they look pretty in the jar.
  • Put one piece of dried hot pepper, one clove of garlic in each jar and top with a head of dill.
  • Pour the boiling liquid over all leaving 1/4 inch headspace. Remove air bubbles, adjust caps and process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes, starting the counting from the time the water comes back to a boil. After 10 minutes turn off the heat and let the jars 'settle' in the hot water for about 5 minutes, remove to a towel to cool for 24 hours.
  • Try to wait for at least two weeks before you eat them since the flavors mellow out in that time.