Quick Chocolate Coffee Torte (Aka Fake Tiramisu)

READY IN: 15mins




  • Gather all ingredients! This recipe goes so quickly that you really need everything within arm's reach.
  • If your poundcake comes from the freezer aisle, go ahead and defrost it according to the package.
  • Cut poundcake into 1"-2" cubes.
  • Set poundcake cubes on a plate or in a bowl and drench with that coffee liqueur! (I typically use more than 1 cup, but adjust according to taste).
  • While poundcake is getting drunk, take this time to make that box of instant pudding mix. Just like the package says, stir the mix into 2 cups cold water with a wire wisk.
  • Now, as the pudding begins to set, I like to add the dutch process cocoa (any unflavored cocoa powder will work), and then the amaretto. If you add the amaretto, MAKE SURE you don't add it directly to the milk--the alcohol might curdle the milk!
  • Set your setting pudding aside to set, and mix the graham crackers and ginger snaps. I use a food processor for this, but a blender or even a meat tenderizer and a plastic bag will work. (at this point I also check the poundcake and add a little more liqueur if it looks dry).
  • Now for that last beautiful step! Line the bottom of a casserole (a large bowl also works) with half of the cookie crumbs. Pour/spoon/scoop half of your pudding in over the cookie crumbs and carefully spread to cover the crumbs. Place (or dump) your poundcake into the casserole, making sure to press it down into the pudding. Don't be afraid to leave out whatever doesn't fit, or to tear the poundcake cubes in half to fill up gaps. Cover the poundcake with the rest of your pudding, spread it nicely, and finish with the rest of the crumbs, also spread nicely. You're done!
  • Now cover and refrigerate for at least three hours before serving. This gives the alcohol time to disperse within your torte, and lets the pudding get nice and firm.
  • Enjoy with friends and family!
  • Take an aspirin with a glass of water and call me in the morning. Hey, this stuff's pretty potent! ^_^.