Morning Sunshine / Hot Lemon Drink

"Forget the coffee. This is a great way to start the day! Cleanse from the inside out. Cleanse the body of impurity by rinsing the system and stimulating digestion. Drinking this first thing in the morning will also help to "tone" your body because lemon stimulates cleansing of both the gallbladder and liver. Relieves symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, bloating and belching. Controls constipation and diarrhea by eliminating waste efficiently. Cleanses the Liver."
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photo by Dreamer in Ontario
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  • Add juice from lemon to hot water& drink.

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  1. Lovely way to start the day!! I like to have a lemon a day and this is a good way to partake in that ritual. I didn't use HOT water more warm just because its hot here - even in the morning! I don't feel a need for a sweetener but that's just my taste. Thanks Rita!! Made for the amazing VIP for Veg*n Swap 29!!
  2. I gave up coffee and decided to drink this Sunshine instead. I love the taste of clean. Add my name to the list of people who drizzle in a little honey to sweeten their morning. Thanks Rita for helping to make/keep us healthy.
  3. Wow! This was fantastic! You know, with such a simple recipe, you might be thinking-how can this be so great? Well- sometimes simplicity works best. This is like a fresh lemon herb tea and I could drink this endlessly. I tasted it as written first,and found it to be delicious. Next I added some honey and found it equally tasty.
  4. This really does taste good! I usually drink tea, but I like this just as much, if not more. For a little variety I add some pineapple mint from my garden. Thanks, Rita!!
  5. I add splenda to mine. Also, I think it's minute maid that makes a frozen lemon juice - not reconstituted, fresh lemon juice - comes in a small yellow plastic bottle - quick and easy instead of squeezing lemons.



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