Kittencal's Famous Barbecue Sauce for Chicken and Ribs

"This is the best barbecue sauce, and trust me I have experimented with hundreds of different combinations over the years, this is even better than any of the popular bottled sauces! ---plan ahead this sauce must be made one day in advance to allow the flavors to blend and intensify, don't even think about using it the same day it is made, this sauce will take on a whole different flavor when simmered for 1 hour and left overnight in the fridge--- the ingredients can easily be doubled but keep the garlic amount no more than 2 tablespoons, and for the best flavor use only Heinz ketchup and a good quality brand of yellow mustard, I use French's mustard it really will make a difference in the taste, please do not omit the liquid smoke --- yield is only estimated as the sauce will reduce after simmering for 1 hour or more ---*NOTE* for a smoother low fat sauce omit the oil, onion and fresh garlic, then in the saucepan mix all remaining ingredients together and add in 1 teaspoon each garlic powder and onion powder then simmer for 1 hour -----you will love this sauce!"
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Ready In:
1hr 5mins
2 1/2 cups (approx)




  • Heat oil over medium heat; add in onion and saute for about 3 minutes, then add in garlic and saute for 2 minutes.
  • Add in chili powder, paprika, cayenne, salt and black pepper; stir for 1 minute.
  • Add in all remaining ingredients; bring to a boil stirring with a wooden spoon to combine.
  • Reduce heat to low and simmer uncovered stirring occasionally for 1 hour over low heat (do not cover the pot or the texture and flavor will be affected, if you have a splatter screen then use it to cover the pot).
  • Cool to room temperature then cover and refrigerate for 24 hours or more before using.

Questions & Replies

  1. Awesome sauce and followed recipe as written for the first time trying it. Tastes amazing and used it on pulled pork!! Heavenly!! Next time I make it, I would like to add some Honey, but not sure how much? If anyone has tried Honey with this how much did you use and how did it turn out? Thanks everyone and kitten for the best bbq sauce I've ever came across!
  2. lite or dark brown sugar?
  3. for how long can I keep this in the fridge for later consumation?
  4. How much did this end up making for you?


  1. I made the following subs for my friend who can't have corn products--corn syrup is in EVERYTHING just a bout. Use organic ketchup--I ran low so I subbed 6oz tomato paste and 1/4 c. vinegar. Use Koops mustard--no corn syrup For Worcestershire sauce use 1/3 c. soy + 1 Tbsp sugar + 1 Tbsp vinegar + 1 Tbsp and 1tsp Pickapepa sauce. The amounts are larger because I was doubling the recipe. This was a FANTASTIC bbq sauce. Everyone of our friends raved about it.
  2. Hands down, the best BBQ sauce I've ever had, and I've had quite a few. I had to chuckle at some of the comments that it's as good as bottled. No far exceeds anything in a bottle. I followed the suggestion of omitting the oil and using a teaspoon each of onion and garlic powder. I also have a prepared mustard hater in my family, so I used a teaspoon of dry mustard instead. The next day when I went to use it, it was a bit thicker than I like, so I added a bit of water to make it more pourable. Definitely make a a double batch, because it will disappear before your eyes!
  3. Wow!!! Top drawer...exceptional...better than any restaurant bbq sauce I have had!!! Sweet, smoky and all that you want from a first rate bbq sauce. I did make some changes though; I used 2 T olive oil, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup cider vinegar and 1 tsp liquid smoke! This was perfect for us! I am looking forward to using this on grilled cheese sandwiches, steaks, chicken, pulled pork....(and the list goes on and on!!!) Kudos Kitten for another "tried and true" recipe!!
  4. Greetings from the Beautiful Pacific Northwest!!...I consider myself a Black-Belt, Hard-Core Cook....I have searched for years for the perfect "Lip Smack-N, Finger Lick-N BBQ Sauce" recipe that would be excellent on Ribs, Chicken, Pulled Pork and so forth.......HEE HAW!!!!.........I finally found one!!...A week ago I slathered this BBQ sauce on some "Chicken Git-Away-Sticks" (drum sticks)....Holy Gun Smokes!! Talk about fantastic!!....This sauce is also excellent on ribs, pulled pork, burgers, not to mention brisket and other cuts of meat.....When I had my "Bones and Brew" Party, everyone went bonkers over the BBQ ribs and brew...Soooo Dang Good!!....Yup!!....I also brew beer......This recipe made me a Grand Champion!!....Every time I make this sauce, I go right by the recipe, I never change a thing, and it has paid off big time!!.....YAHOOO!!!.....EVERYONE LOVES THIS SAUCE!!.....Many thanks for posting this fantastic conglomeration BBQ Sauce Recipe!!....It puts a big smile on everyone's mug!!......HEE HAW!!!!......
  5. I love, love, love this recipe! I made a huge batch and canned it so we could have it at a moments notice. Easy and tastier than anything you'll buy at the grocery store!


  1. I've made this sauce on a number of occasions - I grate the onion and garlic and... some fresh ginger! I let that mix cook for just a little bit before I add the rest of the ingredients - DAMN it's good! :-D Oh yeah, and I skip the liquid smoke... :-)
  2. I loved it! I made half the portion so there was some estimating involved but it turned out great and I ended up dipping my fries in it! I used Chipotle instead of chile powder. I did not have the smoked flavor but I think the chipotle helped make up for that. I also added a tiny bit of lemon squeeze and honey :)
  3. After reading some of the reviews I did cut the brown sugar in half and didn't put as much liquid smoke. Oh, and I did add Jack Daniels and a bit more than a pinch of cayenne. Was so good.
  4. I followed it to the letter
  5. used only 1/2 cup Ketchup, subbed 12 oz. tomato paste 1/4 water. Used Sucanat instead of brown sugar. <br/>Used it on grilled chicken thighs, delicious!



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