Homemade Cottage Cheese

"I'll be honest and say I haven't tried this yet but I was just so intrigued by the idea of making my own cottage cheese that I had to share."
photo by Howard M. photo by Howard M.
photo by Howard M.
photo by Howard M. photo by Howard M.
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photo by LilKiwiChicken photo by LilKiwiChicken
Ready In:
1 pot cottage cheese




  • Heat the milk to 190F.
  • You will need a thermometer for other cheeses but you can get by here turning off the heat just before the milk begins to boil.
  • Add the vinegar and allow the mixture to cool.
  • When cool, pour the mixture, which now consists of curds and whey into a colander and drain off the whey.
  • Pour the curds into a bowl and sprinkle on the salt and mix well.
  • You may wish to use less salt or more, depending on your taste.
  • A little cream could also be added, for a more silky variation.
  • Now the best part, enjoy fresh or use in a cooked dish such as a lasagna!

Questions & Replies

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  1. Marcello R.
    I noticed that making Cottage Cheese is exactly as making Ricotta Cheese..I thought that there should be diffeence please explain if possible..Mant thanks..
  2. logansmama
    A couple questions,; what kind of vinegar and can you use whole milk?
  3. Senora P.
    I only need about 4 ounces. How much milk is needed for that
  4. Claudia S.
    What kind of cream?


  1. Breez
    This is an old, quick, tried and true recipe I have used countless times, with the exception of the type of milk I used. I had goats for years, and my Nubians provided the best milk in the world...no 2% from those wonderful gals. Goat milk is naturally rich and homogenous. If you wish to go another step,(definitely add cream or more milk following #7.) Then when the cheese is made, wrap it in cheese cloth, set it in a sieve in the refrigerator to "drip" some more and it's very close to cream cheese.
  2. chile fred
    Great Recipe! I live outside of the US and have a VERY hard time finding cottage cheese. Very easy recipe. I did not add cream, but it would make it a little more like store bought. The texture is the only this that is really different, but I was to a point that that didn't matter. Thank you for posting this recipe!
  3. WinnipegWoman
    I just made this to use in a chicken lasagna recipe. It was so good I could have eaten it right from the pot. No more store bought cottage cheese for me! Thanks for another small step in my quest to limit the chemical additives in my life!
  4. Kimberly N.
    Made last night and I'm in love....so...if the whey is acidic...can you then use the whey in new milk/cream to make more cheese?
  5. diablo7
    It tastes more like ricotta cheese than cottage cheese.


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