Garlic Buttered BBQ Corn

Recipe by sugar n spice
READY IN: 25mins




  • Remove corn husk and silk.
  • place each cob on it's own sheet of aluminium foil.
  • cream together softened butter, garlic and parsley.
  • divide butter mixture equally among corn and smear liberally over cob.
  • sprinkle each cob with salt, fresh ground pepper and sugar to your liking.
  • (just a tiny pinch of sugar adds to the flavour of the corn and brings out the sweetness if the corn isn't one of the sweeter varieties).
  • wrap up each cob securly in the foil.
  • place on the bbq and grill for approximately 20 mins, turning occasionally (until corn kernels have slight give under pressure).
  • unwrap (carefull, they hold the heat for quite a long time) and enjoy!
  • CHOOSE YOUR CORN CAREFULLY! I reccomend peaches and cream corn and if when you're husking the cork it is already a dark yellow colour, it's not the best choice for this recipe (as IngridH likely experienced). I am actually a corn merchandiser and I highly suggest taking the time to pull the husk back a bit in the store to make sure you're getting corn that's a pale yellow and white mix of small scale firm kernals -- so you know you're not getting old corn!