Chocolate Caramel Crispy Cakes

Recipe by la petite chef
READY IN: 30mins


  • 4
    (2 ounce) chocolate candy bars (recommended -- Mars Bars or Milky Way)
  • 14
  • 2 12
    cups crunchy sweetened corn flakes cereal (recommended -- Cornflakes)


  • Break the candy bars into bits and drop them into a saucepan.
  • Add the butter and melt, over lowish heat, stirring frequently with a rubber spatula.
  • When everything is melted (the nougat-like layer takes the longest to go), tip in the cereal and turn them, with your rubber spatula, in the chocolate mixture until they are all pretty well coated.
  • Fill the mini muffin papers with the mixture and put in the refrigerator, on a small sheet pan or tray, for at least 1 hour.