Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding With Marshmallows

"Not your traditional bread pudding, this one uses chocolate milk and bananas instead of regular milk and raisins with a few large marshmallows tossed in for added sweetness for all us sweet-tooths."
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Ready In:
1hr 15mins




  • 1. 1) cut the Texas toast thick bread into chunks 1/2 inch big and set aside in large bowl.
  • 2. 2) next in a medium sized bowl mix together all the remaining ingredients except for the marshmallows, until it is well blended then pour over the bread in the larger bowl and let sit until most of the liquid is absorbed into the bread -- you may also use a spoon to push in stubborn bits down into the liquid until all of it is completely soaked -- once it is completely soaked -- spray a 9 x 10 glass baking dish with spray oil and then pour in the bread mixture -- once this is done then push the marshmallows into the mix distributing them as evenly as possible -- put into a 360 degree fahrenheit oven (preheated of course) and let bake until
  • golden brown and a toothpick comes out clean, if it does not come out and the top is browned then turn down oven to 320 degrees fahrenheit until an inserted toothpick comes out clean -- take out of oven and let cool or serve immediately with cream, milk or ice cream over it -- makes a great and easy desert.
  • Note::the marshmallows will melt completely and it will be extra moist in those areas where they were -- or you may take the marshmallows and melt them after everything has baked and pour them over the top of the bread pudding and then put under the broiler on low for several minutes until they turn a golden color -- great alternative if you want to really see and taste the marshmallow more -- feel free to also add nuts or other fruit to the mix before baking to your taste. I plan to try it with black walnuts next, yum!

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