3 Cheese Chicken Penne

Recipe by Shawn C
READY IN: 1hr 10mins




  • 2T lemon juice, 1 T olive oil and italian seasonings together, pour over chicken and place in a plastic bag or a marinator container. (i use a vacuume sealed container to speed up process) let marinate for 30 minutes to a couple hours.
  • start bruscetta mixture too. just mix altogether and cover in the fridge until dinner is ready to serve.
  • heat grill and cook chicken on a medium heat until chicken is completely done. start to cook your pasta on stove according to package directions.
  • meanwhile heat 2 tsp olive oil over med-high heat in a heavy skillet and cook mushrooms and onions until tender. turn off skillet
  • empty jar of alfredo sauce into skillet and add drained cooked pasta.
  • chicken is done. slice thick or thin and add to the skillet mix altogether.
  • heat contents of skillet up until just about bubbly then add the cheeses and mix well until combined and melted.
  • serve in pasta dishes and top with bruscetta mix
  • along with some garlic bread or sticks this is a great meal!