How to Make a Whoville-Inspired Christmas Tree Cake

Watch Milkmoon Kitchen build towering cake creations filled with fluffy buttercream and innovative sugar-based architecture.

A Grinchy Surprise

If you're obsessed with Christmas movies, this cake needs to be added to your holiday repertoire ASAP.


This cake has just the right amount of cartoon whimsy.

First, Layer up

Bake your cakes, then cut beautifully teeny layers.

Shape the Tree

Using a round mold, start creating the cake's secret tree center.

Master Builder

Check it out: this is how you're going to build your tree inside the cake.

Cake in the Trunk

Don't forget; it's not a real evergreen without a trunk. This one is created with a rich bark-colored buttercream.

Tree Time

Now for those tree building skills, show 'em off!

Add the Lights

Normally, stringing lights around the Christmas tree can be stressful (see that dark spot?!) but adding frosting lights and ornaments is pure joy.

Sky High or Die

The higher the tree, the closer to Santa.

Trim the Tree

This phrase just took on new meaning.

Crumby Coat

Even the Grinch would appreciate this perfect crumb coat.

Make it shine like Whoville

Pipe colorful frosting all around the cake, then flatten it out with a large ruler or cake scrapper — pure satisfaction.


Add little trees on top for the full Christmas effect. The Whos would be very proud of this all-out festive effort.

Looks like Whoville's #1 Bakery

Congrats, you've officially transported yourself to the wacky world of the Grinch.

Behold this Epic Slice

Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.