How to Gift Cookies

Rebecca Firth, creator of Displaced Housewife and author of The Cookie Book, shares her tried-and-true methods for gifting and shipping cookies.

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Get Your Cookies in Order

Is there anything better than being gifted fresh cookies? Nope. Nada. That’s why I compiled the best ways to package holiday cookies so that they will not only completely dazzle your friends and family but will also be snug and secure throughout their postal journey.

The Gift of Cookies

When assembling cookies to gift, think of assembling your cookies with the same eye that you would a cheeseboard: look for variations in taste, texture and appearance. For these photos, I went with a Ginger Molasses Crackles, Spiced Brown Butter Muscovado Sugar Cookies + the Big-Ass Olive Oil Cookies from The Cookie Book. This trio of cookies will both travel well and completely impress upon arrival.

All Cookies, All the time

There are two other things I’m going to need you to think about when shipping cookies: first, you need everything to be airtight and secure so your recipient doesn’t end up with dry cookie dust. Nobody wants that. Second, you need to make the inside of your packaging look hella good. Below is a collection of beautiful + sturdy ways to ship your cookies—have fun!


"The chocolate shortbread is equal parts buttery and sandy in all the best ways. And chocolate and peppermint? It just never gets old."

-Rebecca Firth, The Cookie Book


"I’m so obsessed with the way mooncakes look. Here I use my sturdy sugar cookie recipe, a favorite flavor combination (cranberries and five-spice powder) and add in some white chocolate, nuts and a citrus glaze."

-Rebecca Firth, The Cookie Book


"These are bright and lemony with the infusion of fresh basil transforming them to sublime. Maybe even otherworldly."

-Rebecca Firth, The Cookie Book

Now, Let's Get Packing

Making the Brown Butter Muscovado Sugar Cookies (on page 113)?

Airtight Cookies

All of your cookies should be sealed in food-safe bags and tied off with baker’s twine or individually wrapped in plastic wrap to keep them nice and fresh. I love to use cellophane bags. Whatever you go for, make sure it’s food safe. Be sure to wrap all cookies tightly before packing them away in any of the containers listed below—your friends will thank you for their fresh cookies.


Regardless as to how you adorn your cookies on the interior, the exterior packaging needs to be sturdy and heavily lined with packing filler. I like to opt for boxes known as literature mailers. These open from the top and make it so that the inside of the box looks just as you packed it when it’s opened. Use heaps of filler below, around and on top of your cookies to keep them secure while they travel across the country. If you’re feeling frisky throw in a gold-rimmed cookie plate or a petite one for extra friend bonus points, we all need cookie plates in our life.

Cookie Gifting Boxes

If someone wants to make me fresh cookies and pack them in this beautiful cookie box, they’ve just made a friend for life. These wooden, reusable cookie boxes from American Heirloom come with four different colored top options (shown in white in the photo) to choose from and feature two dividers to keep cookies separated.


Another wooden cookie box option (that will also win you MVP friend status) is the CookieBox, from the same people that brought us the PieBox. It's also reusable, with a removable wooden top, this box features four separate cubbies to stuff with all of your favorite holiday cookies. Both boxes look extra cute when the cubbies are lined with tissue paper.

Craft Boxes

Comb through craft supply stores to find unique ways to stash your perfectly wrapped cookies. These metallic striped popcorn boxes look adorable with full-size or miniature, bite-size versions of your favorite cookies. Make sure these are heavily packed with filler to keep the cookies safe as the popcorn boxes aren’t super firm.


Line a new or vintage loaf pan with tissue paper, stack in your cookies and finish with some ornate ribbon. This is a great way to give a little something extra special while giving your cookies some extra travel protection. Plus, cookies just look so pretty when stacked on their sides like this. Don’t you agree?

Bamboo Steamer Baskets

These dim sum steamer baskets can be picked up inexpensively and are the perfect way to keep your cookies secure and chic during their travels. Line with a linen tea towel and layer in your holiday best. Tie a pretty ribbon to the top of the lid and nestle the whole lot inside your literature mailer for the perfect marriage of fashion and function. That was easy, wasn’t it?