Cookbook Club

It's time to start a cookbook club

Become a better cook, one party at a time.

Revolutionize Fresh Herbs in Your Kitchen

Kale & Caramel will give you tips to up your herb game.

How to Gift Cookies

Rebecca Firth, creator of Displaced Housewife and author of The Cookie Book, shares her tried-and-true methods for gifting and shipping cookies.

A Perfect Aperitivo Pairing

Explore Kay Plunkett-Hogge's book, Aperitivo, for creative drinks and snacks to serve at your next cookbook club, and sip, eat, repeat.

Common Baking Mistakes & Easy Fixes

If it ain't broke, you can't fix it.

Pizzelle Fritte

Easy, bite-size and perfect for sharing.

Spices to Jazz Up Dinner

Nik Sharma, author of Season, gives us the low-down on his favorite spices to boost flavors in his cooking.

Faux-Laminated Brioche

Add your favorite flavor to this basic brioche, from The Fearless Baker's Cookbook.

Tips for Cooking at Home

When cooking for the best chef in the world, Nadine Levy Redzepi has to have a few tricks up her sleeve.

How to Make Snow Globe Cookies

These elegant cookies are the perfect dessert for showing off at cookbook club.

Sweet Cream Tartlets

Featured in The Fearless Baker, serve these mini desserts at your next cookbook club party.

Need-to-Have Baking Tools for Next-Level Cakes

Lyndsay Sung gives us the inside scoop on the best tools to make her cute and pretty cakes.

Essential Indian Snacks

Just a hop, skip and a hot pan away.