30 Cheese Ball Recipes Perfect for Any Party

It’s time to think beyond appetizers when it comes to cheese balls. In addition to savory cheese balls, we’ve got delicious sweet cheese balls to up your dessert game, too.

5-Ingredient Cheese Ball

"Excellent cheese ball! The sour cream keeps this at an excellent consistency for dipping and spreading. Five stars for ease, taste and consistency."


Sharp Cheddar Cheese Ball

"Oh my! This is so good. I love the spiciness! I think it's perfect!”

-groovey blonde

Dill Pickle Cheese Ball

"A perfect party treat! This is such a simple recipe and such a sanity saver, because you can even make it the night before and chill it overnight!”

- Pamela

Maple-Garlic Cheese Ball

"I loved the simplicity of this recipe. I had no trouble with the mix. I used butter and full fat cream cheese."

-Jen T

Port Wine Cheese Ball

"This is very good. It does taste like the port wine cheese balls I used to buy at the store. I found that 1/4 cup port wine worked for me."

-Heavens Kitchen

Smoky Cream Cheese Cheese Ball

“I made this with the prosciutto, red pepper and black olives, and couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Served this with not only the Ritz crackers but also with Harvest Five-Grain crackers. What a hit!”

-Sydney Mike

Rainbow Goat's Cheese Balls

"This recipe is everything you could want for entertaining! Its easy and quick to make, looks spectacular and tastes just as good.”


Christmas Cheese Ball

"Really excellent recipe! I've been searching for a cheese ball recipe, and this turned out great. I halved it and made one very nice ball, enough for a party of 10 people. With the red and green ingredients, it really does look like Christmas!”


Ranch Chicken Cheese Ball With Pecans

"This was outstanding. I took it to a baby shower and everyone commented on how good it was!”


Mini Cheese Balls

"These were wonderful, and must have been good seeing as I had none left to try myself!”


Pinecone Cheese Ball

"I made two of these for an outdoor-themed wedding reception. One with Pepper Jack cheese and one with Cheddar. They were a huge hit! They’re easy to make ahead of time, and very yummy!"


Braunschweiger Ball

"This is my mother-in-law's recipe. If you like braunschweiger, you'll love this!"


Old School Cheese Ball

"This is the cheeseball that my sweet Mama made when I was growing up and I loved it. I've been looking for this recipe for years."

-Jana W.

Holiday Cheese Ball

"We just loved this. We served it with assorted dinner party crackers and everyone asked about it!”


Beefy Cheese Ball

“Yum! I made this today, and my seven year old and I scarfed at least half of it! My first cheese ball attempt and it was a success!"


Smoky Cheese Ball

"This cheese ball is extra flavorful. You just gotta have more then one bite!"


Party Cheese Ball

"Quick to make and flavorful, this recipe makes a generous amount!”


3-Ingredient Bacon Cheese Ball

"This was yummy and so easy! I served this with crackers and carrots, and enjoyed! I quartered the recipe just for my lunch!”


Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

"Delicious, I couldn't stop eating it! I served with Honey Teddy Grahams and Bee-shaped Honey Graham Crackers. I love this size because dipping is so easy, and the crackers don't break!”


Chicken Cheese Ball

"Absolutely wonderful, and without a doubt I'll be making this again and again!"

-Sydney Mike

Pineapple Cheese Ball

"Great and unusual flavor. I am not a huge cheese ball fan, but this had such good ratings. Don't add or omit anything. The flavors are perfect."


Deviled Ham Cheese Ball

"Love this cheese ball. I do two additional things. I add a teaspoon of tobasco and instead of rolling it in pecans, I roll it in bacon bits!”


Paprika-Dusted Cheese Balls

“These were great! I added garlic powder and minced red bell pepper for color and additional flavor. Beautiful presentation!”

-Brianna Storer

Havarti Cheese Ball

"What a wonderful cheese ball! I used sharp cheddar. I don't have a food processor so I just mixed it very well by hand. Great flavor and texture!"


Beef and Green Onion Cheese Ball

"Best tasting cheese ball, and easy to make!"


Neufchatel Cheese Ball

“I made this for Christmas Day. My son's fiance calls it the "Evil Cheeseball" as we all kept nibbling at it. I had to remove it from the table so appetites would not be spoiled for lunch!”


Pineapple Cherry Cheese Ball

"This was great! Yummy, and it would be great with graham crackers, or vanilla wafers. A delicious snack!"


Baby Cheese Balls

"Wonderful! These are so fun and colorful on a platter. I did the trio, which was perfect, since each one was a favorite for various party guests."


Baked Cheese Balls With Herbs and Sesame Seeds

"These were so good, and so easy to put together! I thought these would burn, but they didn't. For the herbs I used parsley and dill, and they were such a nice combination with the feta cheese.”


Neiman Marcus Cheese Ball

"This was so easy to make, and I doubled the recipe so it would serve more people. I also substituted turkey bacon for regular bacon, which gave it the same flavor."

-Charlotte S.