13 Budget-Friendly Dinner Party Ideas

Our three-course dinner menus are designed to help you throw a fabulous dinner party that you will be proud to host! Featuring easy-to-find and affordable ingredients, these menus will make your guests and your wallet happy.

Easy Comfort Food Party

There's no need to cook fancy meals for a successful dinner party. These simple comfort foods will always satisfy your guests.

Thai Dinner Party

Take your dinner party to the next level with these tasty Thai meals. The classic sweet-and-spicy flavor combinations are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Vegan Dinner Party

Don't settle with bland flavors because you are a vegan. These vegan-friendly meals are packed with fresh vegetables and wonderful flavors.

Hawaiian Dinner Party

With some sweet pineapples and coconut, you are in business to say aloha to a fabulous and delicious luau party!

Italian Dinner Party

Imagine your typical Italian dinner, but let's turn up the volume a little bit for a dinner party. Everyone will want to save room for the decadent cannoli cream.

Korean Dinner Party

This delicious and easy Korean BBQ with spicy tofu will turn your home into Koreatown.

All-Taco Party

This three-course taco party is the party your guests will taco-bout again and again!

Bite-Sized Dinner Party

Who needs a fancy plate or napkin when you can use your fingers to have a delicious dinner?

Japanese Dinner Party

You don't need to roll out sushi to throw a Japanese dinner party. This beef udon is going to wow your dinner crowd.

Grain Lovers' Dinner Party

You don't need to sacrifice your healthy diet for a dinner party! These grain-focused meals will make your guests feel happier and healthier than before.

Mexican Dinner Party

Fresh bean salsa, Mexican squash casserole and more — these foods will bring the fiesta to the table. Get your amigos and a bottle of tequila to make the party extra bueno.

Breakfast-for-Dinner Party

Don't hesitate to make the breakfast casserole extra cheesy and extra meaty. You can do that without feeling guilty because it's for dinner — not breakfast.

Mediterranean Dinner Party

Cool, fresh and vibrant, these tasty meals will take your dinner party crowd on a trip to the Mediterranean.