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How To Build an Edible Christmas Tree

Gingerbread houses are so last season, instead, build one (or many) of these super festive rosemary trees loaded with candy and nestled into a fondant snowscape. Perfect for a centerpiece or a snag-what-you-want dessert.

Edible Christmas Tree Centerpiece

You can eat ALL of this!

First, Create Your Base

If you want every bit of your winter wonderland to be edible, start with a big carrot instead of floral foam brick. But, if you do use floral foam, take time shaving it down into a conical shape.

Layer on The Rosemary

Make little holes in your base and add your rosemary sprigs, start from the bottom and layer your way to the top.

Make it Lush

Add more and more rosemary to fill out your tree.

big to small

As you work your way up your base, start using smaller rosemary sprigs to create a fluffy Douglass Fir style tree.


Keep it up; your tree is looking fabulous.


Not your typical tree trimming, this is done with actual sheers. Using garden-grade scissors, trim attached rosemary to create a perfect shape.

Just a few more Sprigs

Once you get towards the top of the tree, you can start using half sprigs to help create more dimension. Just cut in half and clean the end you'll stick in your base.

Top it off

Now that you've reached the tree's top, carefully cover all the exposed carrot or floral foam.

Roll your fondant

Rolling out your fondant will help you build a base for your tree.

Build a Base

Create a snowy scene where you can nestle your tree.

Start Decorating

Once you've placed your tree into the fondant, you'll want to start attaching candies and marzipan fruits with toothpicks.

Put the presents under the tree

Use any candies and chocolates you like.

It's in the details

How many presents can you fit under this tree?

Let it snow

Use powdered sugar to create a "just snowed" effect.

Create your topper

Use a perfect slice of star fruit to top your tree.

Prepare for Assembly

If you are creating a snowy setting for your tree, make some fondant hills in different sizing to ensure your tree and base will fit.

Cinnamon Sticks Galore

Use cinnamon sticks to add ambiance in the form of an old fence.

A little more snow

Add plain rosemary sprigs and a fresh powdered sugar "snow" dusting.

Light it up

As beautiful as this tree looks, we can assure you it tastes (and smells) even better.