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5 Ways to Set a Picture-Perfect Friendsgiving Table

DIY your way to an awe-inspiring Friendsgiving with these easy crafts.

Friendsgiving is great for a plethora of reasons: You get to be with the people you like, you don't have to listen to great-aunt Doris chew, no one is going to ask you when you plan on getting married and those overcooked stringbeans can be banned from the table.

There are other reasons too, like this gloriously easy and totally Instagrammable table that will have all your friends calling you Martha. Just be ready with a hashtag (may we suggest #friendsgiving?), because these adorable place settings are primed to go viral.

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Craft Paper Tablecloth

Friendsgiving can happen anywhere, anytime. Maybe you’re hosting in a tiny apartment with a banged-up card table. Or maybe you're hosting in a beautiful 4-bedroom, 5-bath home and your antique table can’t risk any water rings. Fear not, butcher paper is your new best friend.

By covering your table in butcher paper, you've successfully created a Thanksgiving color scheme with built-in name cards. Use white chalk to write each guest's name above their plate. Worried about your handwriting? A stencil will do the trick.

Make it extra fun by having guests check off their favorite dishes — you’re never too old to play with your food.


Herb Napkin Rings

Friendsgiving isn't fussy, and your napkin rings shouldn't be either. These lovely herb napkin rings are as easy as one, two, three:

1. Find long, strong sprigs of your favorite herbs (we love thyme, rosemary and oregano).
2. Wrap a couple sprigs together with thin, black craft wire — a few twirls will do the trick.
3. Now you should have a tail of wire. Place your herb bundle on a rolled napkin and — using the extra wire for aid — wrap the bundle around the napkin, securing with a little twist of the wire.

Golden Wine Glasses

Bring golden hues to your Thanksgiving table with these DIY glasses.

You'll Need:
Wine glasses
Painters tape
Liquid gold paint 
Paint brush

What To Do: 
Center the tape around the halfway mark of the glassware, ensuring it’s secure with no bubbles or bumps where paint could sneak in. Paint the bottom of the glass and let it dry according to instructions. Add a second coat before peeling off the tape.

Don’t paint the rims of your glasses or anywhere your mouth will touch, as this paint is not food safe. Also: These golden gems must be hand-washed instead of going in the dishwasher.

Popcorn-Filled Paper Drumsticks

Nobody likes to go hungry before the turkey, which is why we highly recommend topping each plate with a drumstick — a popcorn drumstick! These cute bags of peppery popcorn can also serve as a fun centerpiece if your plates are already adorned.

Using a small brown paper lunch bag, make a fist with one hand and mold the bag into a rounded drumstick shape with your other hand. Line your bag with wax paper and fill 2/3 full with salted herb popcorn. Gather the end of the bag into a twist, and using a hot glue gun, place a line of glue on the bottom of a turkey frill and attach it to the bottom of your twist. Wrap the frill around the twist and use a little more hot glue to secure the frill.

Place one drumstick on each plate (or in the center of your buffet spread) and let your friends get a taste of turkey before the bird is even out of the oven. 


Clove-Studded Pears

What says Friendsgiving best? Pears that spell Friendsgiving! Prep these beautiful pears as a buffet focal point or a show-stopping centerpiece.

It's a breeze! Buy 13 perfect pears and a bunch of whole cloves. Outline one letter per pear with a pencil (this is a great job for the calligrapher of the group) and then fill in the outline with cloves.

Pull Everything Together

Now that the decor is taken care of, supply your friends with a list of potluck dishes you can't wait to try or let everyone bring something they love from their family’s Thanksgiving spread. Not into turkey? It's ok, you can serve ham. This is Friendsgiving after all.

Looking for even more Thanksgiving menu inspiration? We've got you covered.

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