Weight Watchers "caramel Apple Fluff"

Total Time
2hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 2 hrs

This is so Good. It really tastes like caramel apples!!! estimated 2pts per cup


  1. Mix dry pudding and pineapple.
  2. Add apples and cool whip.
  3. Refrigerate for about 2 hours before serving.
Most Helpful

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This is surprisingly good! I used a little less than 8 oz of cool whip because I didn't want to overpower the butterscotch flavor. I also added some chopped peanuts to each serving. I definitely will make this again. Thanks for posting!

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Amazing! My husband asked for seconds after making fun of me while I was making it. I also only used 8 oz. of cool whip.

4 5

Yummy! What a nice creamy dessert. I found it very tasty and satisfying. My only complaint is that I didnt like the apple cold that much because it somehow lost flavour. Next time Ill just add it in right before serving. But thats just personal preference I guess.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this great recipe with us, chris_tam!
Made and reviewed for "Help a naked recipe" September 2012.

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