Vinegar and Honey Facial Toner

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by Soapster1980

Great recipe for acne prone skin. I was having constant problems maintaining a clear complexion, and over the years, started looking for some homemade solutions. I learned that if you use bar soap to wash your face with, it really is a must to rebalance your skins pH with a good toner. I came up with this very simple recipe, which has served me well (if the vinegar is too overpowering for you, feel free to reduce the amount you add). The Vinegar assists in rebalancing your skin. The Honey does an excellent job at maintaining proper moisture, and is also great for healing and correcting blemished/trouble skin (just be sure to use raw honey). The distilled Rose Water acts as a gentle astringent - and most importantly - does a pretty good job at softening/masking the vinegary scent. I never recommend using alcohol in your skin care products - if your rose water says it has alcohol in it, look elsewhere. Blemish Free and Lovin' It! Christina

Top Review by strangelittlebeast

I really like this.Mine didn't turn out sticky(I did use the least amount of honey called for)I thought the vinegar might be too harsh for my skin,but this leaves it really soft.I used raw apple cider vinegar,5% acidity.I agree that the rose water really helps with the vinegar smell.Mine only smelled like vinegar for a few minutes,then my face smelled like rose water the rest of the day!Does any one else think this tastes good?Lol.reminds me of a 'cleansing' drink.I only gave it four stars for now because I haven't used it long enough to know it's long term effects (ie; help clear up my acne)Will be checking back with the results.
Update:This really has helped control my breakouts.Of course,my skin isn't 100% clear ;I didn't expect that though,after 10 years of acne.This is one of the best home-remedies I've tried.5 stars.


  1. Mix all ingredients together until honey has completely disolved.
  2. Pour into a bottle and cap (I use the glass bottle that my Rose Water comes in - then cork it with a clean wine cork).
  3. You may choose to keep this toner in the fridge for a cool refreshing feel, or leave it at room temperature.
  4. Use a cotton ball to smooth over face and neck after washing. Allow to dry/Leave on.
  5. ***I recommend giving this mixture several days to 'rest' before actually using (shaking on occasion to keep sediments from forming). This will prevent a slightly 'sticky' feel on your skin from the honey. Give it a few good shakes to make sure the honey stays well blended before use.

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