Never Fail Texas BBQ Brisket

READY IN: 5hrs 25mins
Recipe by msintrepid

A Texas Original

Top Review by W E Holmgreen

This is a great way to cook brisket, but please don't call it BBQ. I am THE past master of Southwest Texas Bar-B-que and I have been doing it for over 50 years now and have fed as many as 200 at a time. They end up putting my BBQ sauce all over everything on their plate and sop it all up with their bread. Warren

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  1. You are going to need a large pit BBQ with a cover to completely cook outside- or you can finish this off in the oven.
  2. Completely cover the brisket with the steak seasoning- don't be stingy- and pat in well or"rub" as we do here in Texas.
  3. Seasoning layer should be thick.
  4. Place brisket over coals located on one end of pit or in BBQ and sear all sides of brisket, watching for flame ups, for 2 hours.
  5. Use heavy duty foil and completely wrap brisket, placing in a pan that brisket fits comfortably Move pan to the side of the pit without the coals- or to your oven, set at 325 degrees- and let cook for 3 hours, replacing coals to keep temp in your pit at about 325-350 degrees.
  6. Remove pan and let brisket set for 15-20 minutes before slicing.
  7. Be sure that you slice against the grain of the brisket or it will be tough.
  8. There will be lots of wonderful au jus in the foil, be sure to pass that with your brisket and serve with pintos, cornbread and slaw.

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