Mc Donald's Big Mac.....almost!!!!!

READY IN: 20mins
Recipe by gingerkitten D

Once upon a time I worked at McDonald's, and I used to make a TON of these things...this is how it works...we used reconstituted onions (ewww!) and canned sauce, but this is pretty darn close....

Top Review by chef kristin 2

We gave this a try and were SHOCKED at how accurate it was! Hubby is somewhat of a Big Mac fanatic, and he said it was dead on. We LOVED it and will be making it again and again. :) Thank you!

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  1. Make the sauce: Mix the sauce ingredients together until you get kind of a light orange colored sauce.
  2. Add more or less mayo according to taste.
  3. Adjust the recipe for more sauce if desired.
  4. Take four of the buns and remove the tops.
  5. Save the tops for another recipe.
  6. Toast the buns and start to cook the meat.
  7. A FOREMAN GRILL is most like the grill used at McDonald's, but you can do it any other way you want.
  8. (You can cook the meat and put aside until your buns are ready, or work quickly and finish simultaneously) Spread out the bun bottoms (you will have 8) on a baking sheet.
  9. Put sauce on all of these (the closer 4 will be the middle layer).
  10. Sprinkle buns with minced onions (we used a good pinch).
  11. Follow the onions with the shredded lettuce.
  12. For the four closest buns, top each with 2 pickles and for the four farthest top each with a slice of cheese.
  13. IF you are a TRULY skilled Big Mac Maker your buns will be ready as soon as your meat is ready, but it takes practice.
  14. Put the 8 pieces of meat onto all of the 8 buns.
  15. Take the four pickle side buns and move on top of the cheese side buns.
  16. Top with the bun"lids" and enjoy your Big Mac's!

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