Lipton® Onion Burgers

Total Time
10 mins
12 mins

From Favorite Name Brand Recipes website. Could also use Beefy Onion, Onion Mushroom, Savory Herb with Garlic or Ranch Soup Mix.

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  • 1 18 ounces Lipton Recipe Secrets onion soup mix, 1 envelope
  • 2 lbs ground beef
  • 12 cup water


  1. In a large mixing bowl add the ground beef, soup mix, and water. With clean hands mix until well combined.
  2. Shape into eight patties and grill or broil until done.
  3. Serve with your favorite toppings.
Most Helpful

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Very tasty and not at all good for my waistline, but what good burger ever is?! Used about 1.5lbs ground beef and a touch less water since I was going to make them into patties and freeze them in foil for dinner in the future. Thawed them overnight, tossed them on the grill and they are perfect- not overly salty, extremely juicy and just enough flavor so they're not boring, but they don't overshadow your condiments either. What a simple, easy way to make a great tasting dinner- thanks!

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Excellent tasting hamburgers that weren't overly salty. They were a nice change from regular hamburgers. Since the onion soup mix is salty, I eliminated salt during cooking and added only a little pepper to taste and topped with cheese. Moist and delicious!

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These are quick, easy and tasty. Perfect for a weekend lunch or weeknight dinner! Will definitely make these again and imagine they would be excellent topped with mozzarella and sauteed mushrooms and steak sauce! Fabulous!