Herring Salat (Ostfriesen Version)

Recipe by Linky

My mom made this salad every year for New Year's Eve. It's of north German origin. Our German and Scandinavian friends all loved it. Do not substitute ham for the left-over meat, it's too salty or something! My family doesn't like herring, so I use less than what is listed - just enough so I can still call it Herring Salat! Other ingredient amounts can be adjusted to taste. It should be a pretty pink color when done. (My friends thought it was called Herrings-a-lot, because of the way it's pronounced in German!)

Top Review by Muffin Goddess

I never tried herringsalat before this, but I think I like it! Such a pretty shade of pink, although I couldn't get any photos that reflected that, sadly. I used some storebought roast beef for the meat, and some Grey Poupon for the mustard (forgot to buy spicy brown mustard). Mine was probably a bit more tangy than intended because I only had pickled beets to use, but that was fine with me, since I'm quite partial to pickled stuff. I found that the flavor improves after a bit of chill time, and this keeps well. I removed the egg slices for storage of the leftovers, so not sure about how they would fare if left on top, though. Thanks so much for posting this delicious and unusual recipe (well, unusual for those of us unfamiliar with German food, anyway)! Made for Sweet December Tag 2014

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  1. Chop all ingredients into tiny dice.
  2. Stir in mayonnaise and mustard.
  3. Garnish with boiled egg slices.

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