Gnat, Fly and Mosquito Repellent

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Found this on the web. Maybe it will work!


  1. Mix.
  2. Store in a tightly-covered container.
  3. Rub on face and arms.
Most Helpful

Durring rainy season here in South Africa the mosquitos are horrible! I have been making this for the last 2 years and was going to post it myself. Good thing I checked. This really does work! All of the people in our church always ask if I brought it with me. There are so many testimonials that I could give that there isn't space to write them all! And I wouldn't recommend anyone using sweetened vanilla, especially for flies. I haven't tried this for flies, but we have a problem with them so I will try it out. BY THE WAY: I MIX MINE IN A SPRAY BOTTLE AND SPRAY IT ON. It will leave a brown spot on light colored clothing, but it has always washed out for me.

Elaniemay March 29, 2010

I think it's great and simple thanx for posting!

BethHallKelley April 16, 2008