Dad's Special Recipe (Finnish Style Pancakes)

Total Time
Prep 25 mins
Cook 15 mins

They're thin but filling. These are designed to be rolled once cooked. But first your toppings such as jams, syrups, and such are spread. These can be made the night before. The batter just needs to be stirred first.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Mix flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder in one bowl.
  2. Mix eggs & milk in another.
  3. Slowly combine together. Making sure to not get clumps.
  4. Once smooth, stir in butter and oil.
  5. Heat skillet to medium heat.
  6. Lightly coat skillet with butter stick.
  7. Using 1/3 Cup measuring cup, pour batter onto skillet and spread to thin even layer.
  8. Once edges brown and bubbles stop. Turn.
  9. Cook until edge brown again.
  10. Spread desired toppings. Roll.Serve.
Most Helpful

I'm giving these 5 stars because they were good as is -- but, when I took out the baking powder, they were perfect... for me. They were exactly like the Hoito finnish pancakes I grew up eating in Thunder Bay (the "copy-cat Hoito finnish pancake" recipe was a distant 2nd imo, but you can be the judge)

Strawberry Shortcake's February 04, 2013

My grandparents were Finnish, but they passed before I was born so I never had the chance to taste many Finnish dishes. Was feeling a little sentimental after my mother passed and wanted to taste some authentic Finnish dishes. These are very similar to crepes, so I am not sure what makes them "Finnish", but they were very tastey and easy to make. Served with warmed fruit w/some sugar and maple syrup. Thanks for sharing.

Dan in Raleigh, NC January 17, 2010

My Finnish friend Maija would be proud. I forgot her recipe but used this and it worked like a charm. I tossed the eggs + milk in the blender and whirled it a bit. Added the dry stuff, whirled. Then the fat, whirl...then let it rest for a few minutes. They cooked and flipped with ease. I didn't roll them-she doesn't. I just served them with some local maple syrup produced from the woods on our road. So glad you have posted this.

Kyle Newton October 18, 2009