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An addictive treat! This "recipe" is perfect for sleepovers, when the girls (of all ages) are craving junk food. It might sound weird, yes, but once you've had it, you'll never forget your love for Cookie Mud.

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  • 1 container refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough, straight from the fridge
  • measuring cup


  1. Get together a bunch of people who won't mind hearing each other moan in orgasmic-like pleasure.
  2. Put your batch of cookie dough in a largish Pyrex measuring container (4 or 8 cup unit with handle) or other microwave safe dish and nuke in the microwave - if you have a really high powedred microwave do it for about 2 minutes then check it, if you have a lower powered machine do it for for 3 minutes and then check it; it's done when the texture is rather foamy - kind of half-cooked but not cake-y; increase the time by 30 seconds to a minute if it's not quite done, yet, remembering that it's not supposed to be completely cooked.
  3. The first time you make Cookie Mud you might have to do a little experimentation to get the amount of time and done-ness to your liking, but it's worth the effort!
  4. When it's ready, hand spoons to your friends, put the container on a hot pad within reach of them all, and back away quickly... if they've never had it before, they might be a briefly dubious - but if they've had it before, you might lose a finger if you don't get away from it fast enough.


Most Helpful

I've watched my wife's friends going crazy over cookie mud, spoons poised over the bowl and looks of ecstacy on their faces. Amazing.

Steingrim May 30, 2002

Like another reviewer, I read this recipe and immediately went to the store and bought cookie dough because I had some ice cream in the freezer which was unusual. I really really wanted this to be spectacular but it was just good for how quick it was. 4 stars for the" tasty easy" factor but I will probably not make this again.

misscain February 07, 2013

Wierd yes!! But when I saw this recipe just had to run out and buy some cookie dough to try it. Soooo yummy, I love it. I bought chocolate chip and then only did a small amount as I just wasn't sure I'd like it. Well, no question now, what's not to like in this rich, sweet, gooey, soft dough. Now I've warned everyone away from my cookie dough in the fridge - it is NOT for making cookies anymore. So much fun, can't wait to show it to my grandkids as I know they'll love it just as much.

Bonnie G #2 November 19, 2012

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