Yogurt, Homemade, from Good Eats, Alton Brown

"Once you've tried this you will never eat yogurt from the carton again! The honey mellows the intense tartness of the yogurt."
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Ready In:
6hrs 15mins
1 quart




  • Place yogurt in a bowl and bring to room temperature.
  • Heat milk, dry milk and honey to 120 degrees; pour into a very clean container that will be used to make the yogurt.
  • It should cool back to 115 degrees.
  • Whisk 1 Cup hot milk into 1/2 Cup room temperature yogurt.
  • Add yogurt mixture back to warm milk.
  • Wrap container with a heating pad and set on low or medium low.
  • Be sure to have the pad wrapped around your container so that the heat is evenly distributed around the container.
  • Place inside a stock pot.
  • Monitor the temperature of the liquid, your target is 115 degrees (perfect temperature for fementing yogurt) and adjust heating pad accordingly.
  • If it gets above 120 degrees you'll kill the active cultures, so use a temp alarm if you have one!
  • You can also do this on the heating element of your electric coffee maker, but it doesn't provide the heat as evenly as the heating pad and must be insulated with an oven mitt to prevent overheating.
  • Allow to sit for 3-9 hrs depending on the consistency that you disire.
  • The longer it sits the firmer it gets.

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  1. Yum!! This is for the recipe, not the method, as I used my own method (heat to barely boiling, cool to 115 degrees, place in crockpot insert and wrap in towels). Just like it says, the honey really mellows it deliciously. I only let it sit for 4 hours, and it was thick and creamy, with a silky texture. I've found my "keeper" yogurt recipe!
  2. This is the third time I've tried making yogurt (with different recipes). The others were too runny, but this one set up perfectly. I used a long, wrap around type heating pad wrapped around the bowl and in a soup kettle with a heavy towel over the top and let it set for 5 hours. As near as I can figure, it cost about 70 cents to make a big container (one that usually costs almost $3.00 for store bought). Thanks for sharing a great recipe - one I will be using from now on.
  3. I love making my own yogurt- but usually I have to let it drain overnight to get the thickness I like. This set up so well, I think it only took about two hours to strain out the whey!
  4. I love this recipe. I don't use a heating pad, I just use the ceramic insert of my crock pot and wrap it in a towel, then I place it inside the oven and let it sit overnight. Thank you for posting this.
  5. I used my yogurt maker. I decided to start making my own yogurt because of all the extras you get in store bought yogurt. All the yogurt at my local store has aspertame now, which gives me horrid nightmares. And now I don't have to toss those plastic tubs into the landfill. I used hormone free milk from my local dairy, if you can get the hormone free the taste is far superior. Much richer and works better in recipes like this. And I used local produced raw honey. I used half a cup of powdered milk. And active culture yogurt starter from my local health food store. It's just like using bread yeast. Even using more expensive ingredients the price was half what store bought yogurt costs. And the result was heavenly. This is a simple process that gives superior results. And I am surprised at how the cost savings adds up. The taste is wonderful and it works better in recipes calling for yogurt.



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