Wedding Lasagna

"My sister loves my lasagne so much she asked me to make it for her wedding reception! Luckily it was a small wedding! The trick is to caramelize the tomato paste.This gives a " bubbled on the back of the stove all day" flavor!"
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Ready In:
1hr 30mins
1 9x13 pan




  • Brown onion and meat.drain. Add garlic and tomato paste. Cook and stir about 5 mn. till paste has turned a darker shade of red.
  • Add sauce, diced tomatos, basil marjoam salt and sugar.Simmer till thickener.Add more herbs and spices as needed.
  • Meanwhile blend ricotta, egg parmesan, and parsley.Boil noodles.
  • this: layer of sauce , layer or noodles layer or ricotta mixture, layer of mozzarella, layer of sauce.Repeat making sure to end with a layer of sauce. Cover with foil and bake for 1 1/2 hours Remove foil, sprinkle with more parmesan. Let rest for 10 mn. and serve.

Questions & Replies

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  1. vrobaldo
    What should be the oven temp for this Wedding Lasagna? I have never cooked lasagna before!:)


  1. bretonrae
    Pammyowl's recipe is SO tasty and I made it as authentically Italian as I could by shopping at a local Italian market for the noodles, and tomato products as well as the fresh ricotta cheese. Using one beaten egg in the ricotta-parsley mixture helps the lasagne construction hold together without being dry or giving an unpleasant texture to the dish. I substituted a mixture of Asiago cheese and Parmesan with the ricotta as I like the extra flavor the Asiago lends anything. I rubbed each pan with a good olive oil to give flavor as well, but was careful not to add enough to taste too oily. Anyway the forty men who ate at our church meal for the homeless wiped out my two pans first before all the rest and that was caused by them returning for seconds on my dishes. My husband ate some then,too, and he was simply delighted with his portion. p.s. I used a lot of carmelized Spanish onion, extra,fresh Italian spice mix, and two teaspoons of minced fresh garlic for each separate recipe. Since this is Michigan, I refrained myself from adding anything other than the very mild Italian sausage. This dish is a treasure and such a comfort food. I think that all the men will remember the wonderful homemade Italian lasagna that they ate together there last Monday night for a long time. Thanks, pammyowl!
  2. Baby Kato
    Yum, yum, yum. I see why this is your sister's favorite lasagna, it is now my favorite lasagna. So decadent and perfect. The sauce is a dream. This dish was quick and easy to make and the flavor is out of this world good. Rich, creamy, cheesy, beautiful tomato flavor and tender noodles. Thank you so much for sharing my friend, your legacy will live on, I will be making this often in the years to come and will always remember you fondly. Made in Memory of Pammyowl.
  3. Sassy J
    Delish, well-seasoned lasagna. Just right balance of meaty cheesy.
  4. mama smurf
    Fabulous! Made this for our company and was hoping for leftovers but everyone enjoyed this and it completely disappeared. I made as written only using half Italian sausage and half ground sirloin. Definately a keeper and one to make again and again. Served with a garden salad and garlic bread. Made in Memory of Pammyowl.
  5. K9 Owned
    We thoroughly enjoyed this Lasagna! Made as directed - I did have to add a bit more sugar as my home canned tomatoes were fairly acidic and I do seem to have a heavy hand with cheese. We will be enjoying this often and will remember Pammyowl.


  1. Sue M.
    It’s essier to spread ricotta , cheeses if you mix them with your tomato sauce
  2. Gary D.
    I also use cottage cheese instead of ricotta cheese, I always have cottage cheese available.


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