"First made for us by friends, my husband has made this at home several times since. No doubt this is rich, but we can't resist having it a couple times a month when mussels are in season."
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photo by katindallas
photo by katindallas photo by katindallas
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  • In a large pot over medium heat, place wine and 1/4 stick butter.
  • Add the shallots, garlic, celery leaves, and parsley and simmer.
  • Place mussels in a bamboo steamer above the pot.
  • Cover and let the mussels steam until they are all open, 10 to 20 minutes.
  • When all are opened, remove and discard the half of each shell without the mussel and place the half shell with the mussels in bowls.
  • During this time, reduce the mixture in the pot by 1/2 and add the remaining butter.
  • When the mixture is reduced by one-half or when there is just about no more liquid at the bottom of the pot, add 1/2 to 2/3 of the whipping cream to the pot.
  • (You can add the whole pint, it's personal preference.) Let the mixture come to a boil, stirring constantly, until slightly thickened, about 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Pour the cream sauce over the mussels and enjoy!

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  1. My review isn't showing, so I will do this again....THIS RECIPE IS DELICIOUS!! I used the entire pint of cream, and it was heaven! Definiately will make this again!!!
  2. Great! Easy! Will make again. Bread is completely necessary. Served with braised mustard greens. Thank you!
  3. What a different taste for mussels. We loved them. Cooked exactly to the recipe but with only half of the mussels. My only letdown was that I didn't have some crusty bread for the remainder of the sauce... Will definitely make these again & remember the bread. 10 Stars.
  4. I made a slight variation of this: used frozen mussels, used regular butter, used 2 tblsp of garlic from the jar and dried parsely. Also I didn't add the celery leaves. Instead of adding the sauce over the mussels at the end, I cooked the mussels in the sauce, took them out when it was time to add the cream and then poured the cream mixture over them. Served with some nice crusty bread and it was fabulous. I added the whole pint of cream and it was very very rich, I might add only 1/2 or 2/3 next time... Can't imagine how delicious this would be using all the fresh ingredients! But again, my version was amazing!
  5. This was truly delish, and the sauce, even if rich and calorie/fat filled, was indescribably good! It can be used with any fish recipe, we believe. If you try this you won't be disappointed!!!!!!



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