Make Your Own Laben (Buttermilk) - the Traditional Way!

READY IN: 72hrs




  • Pour the milk into the pot, cover with a plate or tray etc.
  • Leave the milk to 'sit' for a day or two, out of direct sunlight (this recipe is based on a warm climate - this process may take a bit longer in a colder climate but never leave the milk longer than 3-4 days).
  • Once the milk has totally coagulated - it will resemble a blancmange at this stage - put the milk into your large bottle.
  • Now add the warm water to the bottle with the milk, fasten the lid tightly & begin shaking it. Shake for 20 minutes to begin with.
  • After 20 minutes check to see if the milk & water has thoroughly combined. If it hasn't, shake it some more! You should eventually end up with a liquid that resembles single cream -- now you have laben.
  • Pour the laben into a pan & scoop off the little yellow blobs of butter & store them in a container for later use!
  • Now you should have traditional laben, keep it stored in the fridge if not using immediately.