Low Calorie Veggie Cakes/Patties

"Suitable for vegetarians/vegans. It's still fried, but no way near deep-fried or using a lot of oil - i think this is one of the healthiest way to cook it, and to me it still tastes good. Not too sure about the cooking time though."
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Ready In:
12 patties




  • Mash the potatoes and mix it with the vegetable ingredients in a bowl.
  • Gradually add all the seasoning and continue to mix until it seems evenly all over.
  • Shape the ingredients into 12 individual balls, then flatten them out to approximately 1-2 cm thick patties.
  • Heat a small amount (1 tablespoon) vegetable or canola oil in a non-stick pan and make sure it's approximately evenly covered.
  • Fry 2-3 patties at a time (more or less depending on your pan size) for about 2-3 minutes (both sides) and keep frying/flipping them util both sides are brown-black in colour. Add more oil if needed (NOTE: The patties might be hard to flip or stick to the pans since only small amounts of oil is used to make it healthier, so becareful).
  • Serve as is or with your favourite sauce, dip etc, or use them to fill your sandwiches. Enjoy!

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  1. This is a good, basic recipe that could be customised to suit the chef's taste by adding herbs and/or spices. As is, it didn't have a lot of flavour for me, but then I like spicy food and, because the recipes contains soy sauce, I left out the salt.<br/><br/>Changes I made were to add one cup of dry breadcrumbs and an egg. This gave me fourteen patties, which I dipped in dry breadcrumbs before frying. They held together well during cooking, and I found them quite filling. <br/><br/>I would probably leave out the garlic next time and maybe lightly fry the onions before adding them to the mixture. I think the patties would be great with the addition of salmon or tuna - obviously they wouldn't be vegetarian then - plus some lemon and spices. <br/><br/>I've been looking for this type of recipe for a while, so will definitely try it again with some spices added. Thanks, Lolliie.


Found this great site in dec 2006 Thought it might be fun to share some good recipes :D I also like to try out new things on my own, though it might not fit everyone's taste hehe
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