Layered Ice Cream " Cake"

"This is so good! and it has no cake in it. Someone saw the one I made and didn't believe I made it! I can't even believe I made it! It's so easy, all you need besides the ingredients is a springform pan, wax paper, and cooking spray. I love this recipe because there are infinite ways you can change what you use--I used different caramel type ice creams the first time I made it. Instead of pints, I just bought the larger ice creams because they were the same price. I just measured out the size of a pint-which is 2 cups. Next time I am going to use cheesecake filling, strawberry gel, and strawberry cheesecake ice cream! There are endless possibilities! I got the recipe from a Family Circle magazine, and the recipe makes a neopolitan-like cake, but you can change the ice creams to whatever you want! Great for a hot summer's day, and it's a fun way to eat your favorite ice creams!"
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Ready In:
1hr 25mins




  • **You can use any kind of ice cream or frozen yogurt you want-be creative!**.
  • Coat bottom and side of a 9-inch round springform pan with nonstick cooking spray. Line side with waxed paper, using spray to help adhere to pan. Trim paper to height of pan.
  • Finely crush 12 Oreos in a food processor. Add milk; pulse just until mixture holds together. Set aside.
  • Unwrap 4 ice cream sandwiches. Working quickly, cut each in quarters (cut once horizontally, once vertically). Stack strips of sandwiches on end, packing them snugly together, around wax-paper-lined pan. Repeat with remaining sandwiches to form a stand-up edge. Spoon cookie crumbs into center of pan; press firmly over bottom. Freeze 1 hour.
  • Remove all 3 flavors of ice cream or frozen yogurt from freezer and let soften for 15 minutes at room temperature. Transfer mint ice cream to a small bowl and stir until good but firm spreading consistency. Repeat with vanilla and strawberry. Remove pan from freezer. Spread mint ice cream on bottom, then top with vanilla and strawberry, spreading all layers at level. Top with thawed whipped topping, swirling top decoratively. Crush remaining 3 Oreos and sprinkle over cake. Return to freezer; freeze overnight.
  • To serve, remove side of pan, then waxed paper. Cut into wedges.

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  1. I made this for my grandson's birthday. You should have seen his face! Now every wants it for their big day as well. Thank you, this was great!
    • Review photo by Betty B.
  2. I made this for a party at work. It was a huge success! My daughter saw the pictures I posted online Facebook and requested one for her birthday next week!
    • Review photo by Cindy H.
  3. I love that this allows for your own creative flair. However, it is definitely not as easy as it looks! I had to use more ice cream sandwiches than expected and the oreo bottom was difficult, I suggest using a bit more milk to make it stay together when freezing. But overall, it's worth the struggle.
  4. Great recipe! I wanted a middle layer like the Dairy Queen cakes so I mixed more crushed Oreo cookies with Skor bits, then I stirred in some Butterscotch sauce til it was a good consistency and put that between the two icecream layers - yummy!
  5. I made this for my 13 year old last year and now my 9 year old wants it for his birthday every year too... My family prefers ice cream over cake any day so this was a huge hit!!! Thank you
    • Review photo by Vernee A.


  1. I used a few extra cookies and more milk for the Oreo layer and added an extra Oreo layer in between the ice cream layers.
  2. I did strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla in the middle. I added chocolate chips and oreos to the top with whipped cream.
  3. I made this for a party we had last night, and it was a hit. For some reason (user error), I had a hard time with the directions - like I read the 15 oreos, then that you processed them, but didn't realize you only processed 12. Then I got to the end and re-read that you are supposed to freeze overnight! Not sure how I missed that before because I must have read the recipe at least 3 times, and I read a bunch of the reviews. One thing I don't remember anyone mentioning is how difficult it is to cut when you take it out of the freezer. (I guess the ~7 hours was enough time in the freezer!) Maybe there should be a step to take it out 10 minutes before serving? Oh, and I used Peanut butter tracks (a take on moose tracks, but with pb ice cream instead of vanilla), chocolate, and cookie dough. It was very good, but I think I'd like to try different flavors.



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