Layered Ice Cream "cake"

"I just came up with this recipe spur of the moment. I'm only 12 (by the way I'm using my mom's account) and I LOVE to create, cook, bake,and eat! I think this would be a great after-school snack for your kids (it's super quick) or just a tasty uplifting treat when your day has been yucky. Hope you like! please give me some suggestions!!! :)"
photo by RiBigMouth photo by RiBigMouth
photo by RiBigMouth
Ready In:


  • 2 -3 individual sponge shortcake cups
  • 1 scoop ice cream (any flavor)
  • hot fudge, warmed
  • whipped cream
  • sliced strawberry


  • Put the number of shortcake cups you want to use on a plate. Remember that this is either two or three layered depending on your preference!
  • Scoop hot fudge into each individual cup.
  • Next add 1-2 slices of strawberries onto each cup's hot fudge.
  • Then top them all off with a scoop of ice cream.
  • Stack them on top of each other (make sure that their stacked pretty good or else it may topple over - This parts a lil messy but trust me, it's definitely worth it!).
  • Add the whipped cream and voila! you have made my easy peasy lemon squeasy treat that you and your kids'll love!
  • Enjoy.
  • P.S. normal strawberry shortcakes you'll just use your fingers to eat with (well at least i do!) but with this you'll need a fork or spoon. Plus, make sure you serve right away or you put it in the fridge/freezer. You don't want it to completely melt on you!
  • :).

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  1. Luckis Cheesecakes
    This would be a great pick me up from a bad day! Nice recipe, and it's very easy and versitile! I can even immagine using lemon or passionfruit curd and berries inbetween the layers to change it up even more. Great Job!


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